welcomes the Ostuni, the White City.



Ostuni, also called Citta 'Bianca, because of its characteristic historical center that was once entirely painted with white lime, today only partially. Its territory is an integral part of the southern Murgia, on the border with Salento. Renowned tourist center, from 1994 to 2015 it received the Blue Flag and the five sails of Legambiente for cleaning the waters of its coast and for the quality of services offered, becoming the city with the cleanest sea in Italy. In 2005 the Puglia Region recognized the municipality of Ostuni tourist resort.

Ostuni, city of art and more ..



The territory of Ostuni has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The various artifacts that have come down to us bear witness to the progress made by those ancient peoples over the centuries. Probably some populations moved from northern Italy through the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, reaching us and settling in the area between Fasano (Savelletri) and Villanova. They radically changed their way of life, going from nomadism to pastoralism and agriculture. So there arose agglomerations of huts around which they began to work the pottery and to smooth the stones. Around the year one thousand a.C., another people landed in Puglia: the Japigi. They came from Illyria, from Crete and from Epirus and here they founded the cities of Barium, Egnathia, Rudiae and Uniae. At about the same time, the Messapi came from Indo-European origin, who merged with the Japigi, sharing customs, customs and religious traditions.